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On a wine hike in the Bündner Herrschaft – where tradition meets modernity.

Updated: 7 days ago

Join me on a fascinating wine hike through the Bündner Herrschaft, an adventure that delves deep into the world of viticulture. Our journey begins in Maienfeld, a place where you can not only enjoy the picturesque landscapes but also be introduced to the secrets of winemaking.

During this leisurely wine hike, you will learn about the historical roots of winemaking, which date back to 765 in Graubünden when Bishop Tello of Chur bequeathed his vineyard to the Disentis Monastery.

The Bündner Herrschaft is known for its diversity of over 42 grape varieties on approximately 380 hectares, with Pinot Noir, or Blauburgunder, standing out particularly and attracting national attention.

Experience how centuries-old winemaking traditions and modern sustainability practices come together. From soil management to the use of renewable energies, the winemakers of the region employ environmentally friendly methods to ensure the quality of their wines and to protect nature for today and tomorrow. After the engaging and informative cellar tour (now I finally know the secret of winemaking!), the tasting includes five to seven wines accompanied by local cheese and dried meat – there is no more perfect aperitif! Each stage of this tour offers insights into the cultural significance of winemaking and the honest craftsmanship involved. It is also about regional identity, valued by guests from Switzerland and around the world.

This wine hike is more than just an excursion – it is an opportunity to experience the connection between history, culture, and modern technology that makes Graubünden's wines so unique.


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