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Leaflet for e-bike tours, wine tours, wine hikes, tastings & restaurant visits

1. General requirements

a) The hygiene regulations of the FOPH always apply. 

b) In principle, the distance rule of at least 1.5 meters must be observed or a mask must be worn. 

c) In indoor areas with consumption, an additional certification obligation applies.

d) All persons with symptoms of illness, even if only mild, are not allowed to participate in the tour. The same applies to persons with positive tests for Covid-19 in the immediate vicinity.

e) If a person who has participated in a group activity in the last two weeks tests positive for Covid-19, he/she shall immediately inform the guide.

f) Each participant must ensure that he/she has necessary certificates before starting the tour. The tour cannot be cancelled due to lack of documentation. The costs will not be refunded.


2. Requirements for guided e-bike tours & wine walks

a) There is no mask or certification requirement.

b) Participation in tours is only possible after pre-registration. The coordinates/address of the participants must be deposited.

c) The guide ensures that he/she has the contact details of all participants.

d) Guides explicitly point out the mandatory requirements to the participants upon registration and at the beginning of the tour. Participants who do not agree with the specifications may not take part in the offer.

e) The guide is responsible for the implementation of the specifications.

f) The participants all register at the bike rental.


3. Wine tour with vehicles

All participants must have a valid certificate.

If not all participants have a valid certificate the following regulations apply:

a) When boarding and disembarking as well as on board of our vehicles, a general mask obligation applies for the protection of the travelers.

b) The wearing of hygienic masks applies in general, if the given distance of 1.5 m cannot be kept.

c) At the beginning of the trip the guide informs the guests about the guidelines of wearing masks.

d) Guests are generally responsible for obtaining and bringing their own protective masks. If necessary, masks are available from the guide (as long as supplies last).

e) The vehicle is thoroughly cleaned and surfaces disinfected after each tour.


4. Guidelines for visiting wineries

Masks are mandatory outside, unless the minimum distance of 1.5 meters can be maintained. A maximum of 500 visitors is allowed.

Indoors (without consumption): Masks are compulsory if the minimum distance of 1.5 meters cannot be kept.

Indoors (with consumption): All participants must have a valid certificate.


5. Requirements to visit restaurants

All participants must have a valid certificate.

6. Requirements for public events

All participants must have a valid certificate.

If not all participants have a valid certificate, the following regulations apply:

- Maximum of 30 people.

- Must be a club or other consistent group.

- A protective mask must be worn.

- The consumption of food and beverages is prohibited.

Created for Wine Tours Switzerland

Place: Maienfeld | Date: 13 September 2021