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Leaflet for e-bike tours, wine tours, wine hikes, tastings & restaurant visits

General requirements

a) The hygiene regulations of the BAG always apply. 

b) The distance rule of at least 1.5 meters distance must be followed at all times. 

c) A maximum of 50 persons, including the guide, may go on tour. All members of a group must have the contact details of the other group members.

d) All persons with symptoms of illness, even if they are only mild, are not allowed to participate on the tour. The same applies to persons with positive test results for Covid-19 in their immediate surroundings.

e) If a person who has taken part in an activity in a group in the last two weeks tests positive for Covid-19, he/she will immediately inform the guide.

f) Risk groups are advised not to participate in any activities that bring them into contact with people who do not live in the same household. 


2. Guidelines for guided e-bike tours & wine walks

a) Guides pay special attention to the performance of the participants.

b) Participation in tours is only possible after reservation. The coordinates/address of the participants must be provided.

c) The guide will ensure that she/he has the contact details of all participants.

d) When registering and at the beginning of the tour, guides will expressly draw the participants' attention to the mandatory requirements. Participants who do not agree with the guidelines may not participate in the tour.

e) The guide is responsible for the implementation of the guidelines.

f) Before the start, the guide will ask whether all are symptom-free.

g) The guide documents the tour or course with the following information: Participants, date, time, place, route if applicable and any special incidents.

3. Wine tour with vehicles

a) When boarding and disembarking as well as on board our vehicles, a general mask obligation applies for the protection of the passengers.

b) The wearing of hygiene masks is generally required if the specified distance of 1.5 m cannot be maintained.

c) At the beginning of the trip, the guide informs the guests about the guidelines for wearing masks.

d) The guest is generally responsible for the provision and bringing along of protective masks. If necessary, masks are available from the guide (while stocks last).

e) The vehicle will be thoroughly cleaned and surfaces disinfected after each tour.

4. Guidelines for visiting wineries

Please take the following precautions to protect you and us from infection by Covid-19:

a) The distance rule of at least 1.5 meters distance must be followed or you protect yourself with a mask.

5. Guidelines for visiting restaurants

Restaurant and catering businesses that comply with the currently valid protection concept for the hospitality industry will be considered.

This protection concept is based on the current protection concept for guides and instructors of
swiss cycling as well as the protection concept of the Graubünden Wine Industry Association for visiting wineries with tasting, GastroSuisse and the bus industry.

Created for Wine Tours Switzerland

Place: Maienfeld | Date: 05 December 2020

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